Hello and welcome to my digital portfolio! My name is Noel Marquis and I am a sophomore at Anderson University majoring in English and Journalism. I am currently involved in a number of activities and clubs on campus, including the AU campus newspaper The Andersonian and the Anderson University Literary Arts Magazine. I also have internship experience writing articles for The Paper of Montgomery County located in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I have a passion for creative writing and editing and would love to pursue a career that would give me opportunities to exercise and demonstrate those skills.

On this website you will find my resume as well as samples of my writing. Here, I have included links to a few of my published news pieces as well as a research paper. I believe that these samples work well together to demonstrate the scope of my writing skills and the wide variety of styles in which I have experience writing. As journalism and other types of writing differ widely in purpose and format, I thought it helpful to include samples in both styles.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my portfolio. I can be contacted most easily via email at nmarquis@anderson.edu.

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